Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Upcoming events!

August 11- We are finally going to get our 3d ultrasound done! They advised me that the ideal time is between 28-32 weeks and August 10 I will be 28 weeks! Crazy that I am already 6 1/2 months along! This journey has been the most amazing experience of my life! I can't wait to meet Parker and for all of our loving friends and family to meet him as well! He is already so loved- I know one person in particular who can't wait and that is my dear friend Rosie! She is going to be the best Godmother to Parker! I am so excited to see their relationship- it will truly be remarkable!

August 22- One of my amazing friends Lindsey is throwing me a baby shower! She and I have been friends for forever it seems- honestly it is like 12+ years that I have been able to call her a friend! She came to me and said she wanted to throw me a shower, and I was so thankful! I can't wait...knowing her it will be a ton of fun! Thanks Lunds =]

August 30- Hello- where has the past year gone??? Mine and Cody's one year is coming up August 30! It is so crazy to sit back and reflect on the past year! Being married to Cody has been wonderful! I love being able to call him my husband but more importantly calling him the father of my child!

September 20- I will officially be an old hag! Yes, I will be turning 26! Good grief!

September 26- Rosie and Amber are throwing me another baby shower! This one is a themed party- bedtime stories! Should be so much fun! I can't wait =]

~ "Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life." Thanks guys, I love you all!!!

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  1. Wow! when you put it all in writing, it is happening so fast huh?
    And umm...are you trying to make me cry here? I really am so excited and can't wait for him! You're such a great friend to me and I couldn't be happier for ya'll! Love you to death! XOXO!