Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, I was wrong- I thought that the 3d ultrasound was going to be tomorrow, but that is not until next month- I swear I get confused so easily now! BUT- We did get to see Parker!!! Well, Cody saw him last time, but I was way too nervous/scared/excited to look. He was moving around like CRAZY! For a brief second it looked like he was waving at us! It brought tears to my eyes! It was such an amazing and somewhat overwhelming feeling...definitely one of the best days of my life to finally be able to see my little son!

The doctor took a lot of pictures of the 4 chamber heart (that looked great he said), pictures of the brain (again looked great), pictures of his noggin (looked great- big like his daddy's), his tummy (great), a picture of him smiling (cute =]), pictures of his femour (great), and a picture assuring us that he was indeed a little boy! He said that everything looked great and that we were having a healthy and BIG/TALL little boy! I swear his feet are already the size of mine! I am 23 weeks and 4 days prego today- I have gained 15 pounds which they say is normal- actually he said it was a little under, but I was healthy so it was fine! Sunday will be 24 weeks=6 months! I remember like it was yesterday when I took a test out of curiosity hoping to God that it would come back positive. 6 months later I am carrying one of God's greatest creations! I am about to enter into my third trimester and surprised to say that my pregnancy journey has gotten easier over time- I have heard that it gets harder! I am very achy in my lower back area, which the dr. said is normal due to how I am carrying! OMG- So the doctor said before hand that the average baby's weight right now was around 1.10 pounds...well, Parker weighs 1.70- big baby on the way! Haha!

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