Friday, September 18, 2009

BEYOND ready.......

So, I am 33 almost 34 weeks, and I am BEYOND ready for Parker to arrive! I can't wait to hold, him, but most importantly to just look at him and rejoice at how thankful I am =] The pregnancy journey- definitely took a toll on me at some points. I will have to admit that I had a fairly easy pregnancy with him though. There were probably 2 weeks out of the journey that were rough for me while the others were tolerable and for the most part pleasant.

I see some of my friends who are having it alot worse, but hey in the end it will all be worth it and we will all look back and not even think about the "hard times" but we will all look at how blessed we are =] I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks which I will be 35 1/2 weeks! I'm ready to hear if I will have a c-section or actually go through labor! I'm thinking c-section, but hey I'm not the one with M.D. at the end of my name!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's new with me?????

* Officially can't sleep more than like 4 hours a night! Oh well, good preparation for what's to come =]

* No more fried food- indigestion BADDDDD!

* Have gained about 26 pounds, but I feel like I have gained 90!

* We are now in single digit weeks until our sweet baby boy arrives! May even be sooner than 8 weeks!!!

* Our house should be complete around October 1! Thank goodness- the last thing we are waiting on is the counter top installation...whoo-hoo!

* I have been told (more like "warned" to me) that Parker is going to be a "large" baby, but has now been changed to be will be "BIG." Which basically means it's looking like he will be 9+ pounds! Whew! Oh well, it will all be worth it when I get to hold my baby boy!

* Did not have "cravings" until about 2 weeks ago and now all I want is a cold sandwich or salad...yummo!

* Childbirth classes are a MUST! I love them...we only have two left and I am kinda sad =[

* BEYOND excited that one of my besties is pregnant! Although I am almost through my pregnancy, she and I will get to enjoy it together for about 2 months total then I will be there for her with whatever she needs! Her and Derek are going to be WONDERFUL parents =] I can't wait to find out what baby Graves will be- I'm going on record and saying GIRL, but who knows! This is going to be the best 9 months of her life- advice to you Rosie: enjoy it because it will FLY by!

* I go back to the doctor on September 16 and should have a better ETA for Parker! He might be earlier than Nov 2. if I have to have a c-section due to his size! I'll DEF. let y'all know!

Love you all =]