Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's new with me?????

* Officially can't sleep more than like 4 hours a night! Oh well, good preparation for what's to come =]

* No more fried food- indigestion BADDDDD!

* Have gained about 26 pounds, but I feel like I have gained 90!

* We are now in single digit weeks until our sweet baby boy arrives! May even be sooner than 8 weeks!!!

* Our house should be complete around October 1! Thank goodness- the last thing we are waiting on is the counter top installation...whoo-hoo!

* I have been told (more like "warned" to me) that Parker is going to be a "large" baby, but has now been changed to be will be "BIG." Which basically means it's looking like he will be 9+ pounds! Whew! Oh well, it will all be worth it when I get to hold my baby boy!

* Did not have "cravings" until about 2 weeks ago and now all I want is a cold sandwich or salad...yummo!

* Childbirth classes are a MUST! I love them...we only have two left and I am kinda sad =[

* BEYOND excited that one of my besties is pregnant! Although I am almost through my pregnancy, she and I will get to enjoy it together for about 2 months total then I will be there for her with whatever she needs! Her and Derek are going to be WONDERFUL parents =] I can't wait to find out what baby Graves will be- I'm going on record and saying GIRL, but who knows! This is going to be the best 9 months of her life- advice to you Rosie: enjoy it because it will FLY by!

* I go back to the doctor on September 16 and should have a better ETA for Parker! He might be earlier than Nov 2. if I have to have a c-section due to his size! I'll DEF. let y'all know!

Love you all =]

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  1. Wow! So close!!! I also can't believe your house is almost done. I can't wait to come over and see the finished look. And I think we are having a craving for the same foods. Although, all I can think about today is PICKLES! lol. Love you!