Monday, August 31, 2009

1 year to my wonderful hubby!

This past weekend Cody and I went to San Antonio to celebrate our one year anniversary! Time has flown by- seems like just yesterday I had those butterflies in my stomach about walking down the aisle! We left Saturday morning and headed for CABELA'S...yes, I must say that I love that store almost as much as my husband =] We got Parker some camo gear then headed to P.F. Changs...yummo! Starting at my 12th week of being pregnant, chinese food has sounded GROSS to I was very happy that I am able to stomach it and tolerate it now! Whoo-hoo =]

After lunch, we headed to Bass Pro Shop -again I love these two stores. My feet were killing me, so we decided to head to our hotel and lounge for a bit! When we got there, I was over lounging! Haha! I wanted to go walk and be "tourists". Well, that didn't last cuz it was that time for my hubby- what time you might ask? Beer time! We went to the Irish Pub right across from our hotel, and I got to people watch while Cody enjoyed his beers and cigar! Then we watched the game then off to bed we went! It was the perfect weekend =]

I love you very much and thank God everyday that I am blessed to be your wife!

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