Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweet little Graves' baby!

So some of our besties found out that (drum roll please).......they're having a precious little girl! I for one CAN.NOT. wait to see this stinkin cutie! Big brother Gavin will be so wonderful with his little sis!

Holy shopping adventures- hey, i dont need an excuse to shop, but knowing a dear friend of mine is having a girl?! Yowza! Ill go ahead and apologize to the hubby now :/

I can't wait to find out if she will have a little girlfriend to get mani/pedis with or if there will be 2 Richardson boys competing for a date with her ;)

Baby Rich #2

Horrible blogger award, I know I know!

I turned 12 weeks yesterday :) Thia pregnancy has been a complete 180 from my pregnancy with Parker.  With P, I had a few headaches and was nauseous 2 times.  Thats it! I had such an easy pregnancy with him.  Lets just say that I have a whole new appreciation for women sick during pregnancy.  I'm not complaining nor would I change one bit of being nauseous daily with this baby!  In some ways, I feel blessed to experience two very different pregnancies :)

I've had two very big cravings so far with the little bean- chicken tacos (God bless you Rosas) and candy :/ I'm not a sweets eater and definitely not a candy eater, BUT here lately...I.MUST.HAVE.CANDY to keep me sane- haha! Jk- I have to have it to satisfy that baby (at least thats what I tell myself) ;)

I go back to the doctor November 26 for my 15 week appointment.  Hope that scale is kind to me because I will be THAT girl that devours Thanksgiving food and blames it on being pregnant! Why?!?! Because I can- duh! ;)

We should find out right before Christmas what the gender is!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween and has the BEST holiday season this year with friends and family! I just love this time of year! Being pregnant during my favorite few months is pretty much awesome :)