Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished!!!

So, this weekend we were very productive with our new house! We both agreed that the color of the brick HAD TO GO!!! So, I went and picked out a new brick color and new front door color. On Friday, we painted some to see if we liked the color...and we both did! It made such a HUGE difference to the outside of the house! It lightened everything up and made it look like a totally different house!!! We finished the painting on Sunday thanks to my dad and Carla, my hard-working hubby, and Cody's parents! I tried my hardest to paint, but the fumes were kinda getting to me so I MOWED! Yes, you heard me correctly- Kelli became a little yard-mower...and can I just tell you that I wayyyy liked it! Sunday was probably the longest day of my life- we started at 8:15 that morning to make sure we had a full day and finished around 4:30. Borderline TORTURE! We also purchased the shutters for the front of the house- I have always wanted a tan brick house, black shutters, and reddish front door! And that my friends is what we are doing =]

Parker's room- Can I just tell you that I might want to have his room??? It is going to be so cute! I found a picture online of this nursery that one wall was painted like a fire station! IT is so cute and is going to be perfect with the bedding and rest of the decor I got! Yes, Rosie I know- I need to not buy everything and save stuff for the shower- but girl, you know me well enough to know that I can't do that! Parker has enough clothes right now to last him a year and never have to wear the same thing twice- I know it's a sickness! BUT, with him being born in November- I am getting all of the off-season stuff CHEAP! So it works out perfectly!!!

HOPEFULLY, we will be moving to our new residence around September! I can't wait!


  1. I want to come see the house again. I bet it's gonna look super cute with the shutters and red door! And seriously...stop buying baby stuff! You have three showers!!! ha ha! Love ya girl!

  2. I can't wait to see your house...you better have taken before and after pics!!!! :)