Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parker: The soccer player

I swear that Parker is going to be the best little soccer player EVER! He is constantly kicking me and now it is in the rib area because he is so long! I feel like one by one my ribs are breaking. It is the most amazing/weird feeling. I am just sitting here at work and BAM- jab in my right side, then jab in my left followed by a swift kick right in the dead center of my tummy! I would not for one second complain about it though. When he kicks I know that he is good and everything is going smoothly!

Due date- My due date has been moved up 6 days...Parker was measuring further along that what my "original" due date measurements were, so Dr. Seirafi moved me up to November 2! I can't wait- it should be here before we know it! Time has definitely flown by!!!

Me- You can definitely tell that I am prego now! I don't even have a chance of trying to hide it if I wanted to- but I would never try and hide it...I love every minute of it! You can tell exactly where he is in my belly due to how I am carrying!


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