Monday, June 29, 2009

Fantastic weekend!

Saturday we started out with getting massages and facials! AMAZING! It relaxed us both (after a somewhat intense Thurs/Fri)! Then we headed to San Antonio to start celebrating! When we got there, Cody said we should do something which I replied it's the riverwalk, we have to go! Stupid stupid me! It was miserable...half of the riverwalks sidewalks were closed due to construction and it was blistering hot with no breeze! So, we went to one of our fave bar/pubs there and I watched Cody drink and I had water and a caesar salad...YUM! Then it was time to head to dinner!

Let me just say that I was super excited about dinner! I have heard nothing but great things about Chart House! Anyone going to San Antonio soon must try it out! It is very similar to Reunion Tower in Dallas! Yes, it was pricey, BUT for the atmosphere and food...totally worth it! We were 75 stories was wayyyy high! The whole restaurant was revolving while we were eating! Cody's food look amazing. He said it was the best prime rib and lobster he has EVER eaten in his life. MY food was heaven on earth! I had parmesan crusted snapper with crab on top and it was all in a garlic butter- DIVINE =]

Then we went back to our room at 9:30 and ordered some movie that was a stupid $13.99 and fell asleep 10 minutes into it...haha I was pooped and he was a tiny bit tipsy! All in all it was a fun and very different trip down to San A for us, but definitely what we both needed! Can't wait for the 4th! YAY!


  1. So glad ya'll had fun. Wish I was with you!

  2. Massages and Facials?!!? Can I just say I'm tottally JEALOUS! :) Sounds like ya'll had a blast!!!!