Monday, June 22, 2009

Coming soon....NEW DOCTOR!!!

Hey guys!

Ok, I think I am starting to figure out the blogging world =] Yay, about time!!!

Well, Cody and I made a big decision the other day to switch doctors! It was VERY hard for me...I'm not really one up for change! One of my dearest friends, Rosie, has been through alot with the same doctor. She went and had a second opinion and based upon that visit it confirmed to me and my husband that a change was definitely needed! I am very excited/nervous to change, BUT you have to look at the bigger picture about what is not only right for you but also what is right for your baby! So, I go on June 30 to Dr. Serafi (spelling?) and could not be more excited! I have heard WONDERFUL things about him! Yay for a new chapter in Baby Parker and our lives!


  1. That is so amazing!!! I am happy for you. It was hard for me when I left my old Dr. However sometimes we have to look out for whats best for ourself and our family. I think you made the right choice. :)

  2. WOO HOO!! I'm really glad you are moving on from B! I think you, like me, will feel a lot better about everything! Love you!

  3. OMG..that was my dr.!! I LOVE HIM!!! He is soo nice and so good at what he does. I had the easiest delivery and I totally recommend him. Let me know what you think.